First thing is first, housekeeping, make sure you had read through our rules available on the discord

You must have a working microphone unless approved by staff. We also suggest turning off score volume. Instructions to do this can be found here: Downloading and Setting up RedM – MERCURIAL ROLEPLAY

  • You will start off with $50 dollars, 5 water, 10 apples, a starter guide and a revolver with ammo.
  • We recommend that you first start off by doing transports as this will allow you to borrow a horse and wagon to deliver goods.
  • To buy your first gun, head to any gun store and buy yourself a gun. Also buy some ammo, one ammo is one box.
    • To equip your weapon, open your inventory, right click your weapon, and use to equip it.
    • Pressing TAB once will bring out your weapon at your side. Pressing TAB once will put it away, (pressing TAB twice will sometimes do a fancy animation to put your weapon away)
    • Hold TAB to open your weapon wheel. DO NOT press space bar when you are in this screen or you will need to relog.
    • With your gun in your hand, open your inventory and right click on the ammo and use, your ammo will be loaded into your gun belt.
  • To buy your first horse, you can either get something really cheap like Mule, Donkey or Zebra for $25, or the Mangy Penco for $50. Otherwise you can always save up for something better.
    • There is also the option to buy a old horse from another player or even a horse trainer.
  • We have several storage options available
    • Bank (each town is a separate bank)
    • Horse
    • Wagon
    • Hotel ($100 for 200 storage) in each town
    • House
  • Hunger and Thirst is a thing, you can buy food from the general store, or cook the meat you hunt. However, the food and drinks from saloons and restaurants are much better and may give you gold cores.
  • If you are bleeding, injured, infected or poisoned you can see another player who works as a doctor. If non are available and they don’t have stock in their shop, you can pay more by visiting the NPC doctor.

Below is a general index of all the map symbols:

:crafting: Crafting Stations

:barbar: Barber

:clothing_store: Clothing Store

:butcher: Butcher

:playerstore: Player/Society Store

:bath_house: Bath House

:pinboards: Pinboards

:exportsgoodsstore: Exports Goods Store

:furniture: Furniture Store



:stable: Stables

:salebarn: Sale Barn

:petstore: Pet Store

:petfoodstore: Pet Food Store