You sexy beasts helped us fund getting the housing script, through your monthly support and a burst crowd funding session. The excess money raised went towards buying a couple more house interiors to open up more options for you all to play with, as honestly the OG penthouse was so cluttered and small, it made moving difficult. If there is a building you wish to own, feel free to “.ticket new” in discord and post a screenshot of the house location, and we shall set it up with an appropriate (if placeholder) price and interior if it is available.

There is monthly taxes and you can only add one month of tax to the tax ledger at a time. Monthly tax is deducted at 00:00 on the First of every month. To do this, you need to add funds to the ledger, then move the funds from the ledger to the tax ledger.

Housing Features

There are motels – one in each major town, marked with a white “diamond”

Housing can be either instances or already existing buildings. If the house has doors that are openable, more than likely you will be able to have locks on these.

Instanced housing gives you more space to add your own furniture and allows for more customization. You can upgrade your interiors.

Already existing houses means you don’t need a teleport, you can easily just open your doors and allow people in. Most of the time these places will be already furnished.

Storage size will be upgradeable.

Furniture used in housing can be used for your clan camps and most of it vise versa, some exclusions are tents and things that don’t make sense, like a hitching post, silly to have that inside the house. You add furniture by buying them from a furniture store, then using your manage house menu, add the furniture item, then you can spawn it into your house. Watch the clan camps video for more detailed instructions on adding and spawning your furniture, it works in the same way.

Housing Menus

When you have purchased a house, you will be able to interact with its menu.

House ID this is the ID of the house

Tax Rate this shows the owner how much tax per month

Tax Ledger this is the ledger for tax, you will need to place money in this to secure the house on Tax Day (1st of every month), this ledger will only let you add the full tax amount and no more, but you cannot remove the money once it is deposited – this can also only be accessed by the person who purchased the house. You need to deposit money into the ledger then into the tax ledger.

Give Keys give the house keys to another player using player ID

Take Keys remove the house keys of players you have given them to

Ledger this is the house ledger, essentially like a personal bank, you can deposit and withdraw from this one – this can also only be accessed by the player who purchased the house. Tax is NOT removed from this ledger.

Sell House sell the house back to the county for others to purchase. After another person purchases your home, 50% of the funds will be available at the sold home ledger at the Valentine Bank.

Set Changing room location set the wardrobe location so you can change

Set inventory Location set where you would like to access the inventory

Furniture this is where you can place and remove furniture, you will need to add the furniture to this list then go back into the menu then it will appear to place, once you start to place you will get a list of commands to move the item about so you can place it just right

Upgrade Storage this is where you can go through inventory upgrades

Change interior (Only for teleport house) this is where you can go and pay to change the interior layout to something you would prefer