Patch Notes - 10 February 2023 to 23 February 2023

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Patch Notes - 10 February 2023 to 23 February 2023

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Work in Progress
Image Quests/Missions/Transports - V2

Image New object - wall
Image New object - heart balloon
Image New object - Tipi
Image New object - Totem
Image New ymap - fight club
Image New ymap - market + tipi for new wapitti tribe location
Image New ymap - small saloon/restaurant in blackwater
Image New ymap - collectors wagon in blackwater for Trixie

Crafting Changes
Image Shaman should be able to craft alligator potions now
Image Wood ships and charcoal filters can be made with cut wood as well
Image Added missing text for some crafting recipes
Image Carpenter crafting - add chairs, chest, clock

Farming Changes
Image When planting seeds it should only take the correct seed and should water plants if you are a supporter. Planting seeds should no longer plant random other seeds
Image Weed can now be planted

Other Updates
Image Horse XP loss reduced to 100xp from 500xp
Image All staff should be able to see reports and PMs now
Image AFK warnings should now also send in chat
Image /cancelmission should work again
Image A moonshine cabin is locked to supes
Image Bleeding now correctly displays the flu
Image All doctor pinboards should now work for all doctors
Image Cholera is now a spreadable disease
Image Adjustments were made to food in regards to the amount of hunger and thirst they give
Image Fix description for gem powder from emeralds from 5x to 1x
Image Add pawn store to heartlands area
Image Items and weapons now delete instead of drop on respawn except for the start weapons
Image Legendary hunting quests have been added
Image Added some items to be sold to the pawn shop
Image Can no longer revive if you have been headshot
Image When taking a luxury bath, you can choose who is giving you a bath, male or female, naked or clothed.
Image Added remaining arrowhead set to gold panning
Image Adjusted sell price or arrowhead items at pawn stores to match rarity in gold panning
Image Increased the age of pets from 15 to 9999999
Image Added Canes
Image Added native headbands
Image Added Knuckledusters
Image added Miner Hat
Image added Native Headdress
Image Stills should now be removable and placeable again
Image Doctors rank 5 should be able to access /mdt
Image Added some missing inventory icons
Image Cannons can be crafted - find out IC