1. Download and install Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Online through whichever provider you purchased from. EG: Steam/Rockstar
  2. One downloaded and installed, you now need to download RedM from: https://redm.net/
  3. Run the exe you downloaded
  4. When prompted, select where your Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Online is installed. Let the download run and install. If it crashes and stops, make sure you have enough space on your drive.
  5. Downloading from Cfx is very SLOW. We suggest you do this overnight. It doesn’t matter if you have faster internet, the slowness is due to Cfx not your internet.
  6. When you join the server you will be required to download more cache.

Setting up your game

Setting up Voice Chat

  1. Once you have made your character, press Escape
  2. Go into settings
  3. Audio
  4. In Voice Chat, make sure to set all this up, replacing the output and input device with your preferred hardware. Push to talk is preferred.

Random Hostile Music

Turn off the random music that is played when hostility is started by:

  1. Press Escape
  2. Go into settings
  3. Audio
  4. Turn your Score Volume all the way down.